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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Journey to the edge of the earth...

Leave with me, where we can deal with no other. I just want to be alone with you forever. I heard of a place though it is pretty far. we can be alone, drink each other soul, God will never blow our cover. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The past will always be remembered however that does not mean we must hinder. Though, past, is nothing but bitter sweet, I cannot let it be my defeat. 

The Spring High Heel Sandals...

 As I get older my style of dressing changed dramatically. I use to be this bright colorful girl who loved Swarovski crystals on everything. Now I can't stand shiny things! However these pair of sunshine brightened up my day! I definitely want to get a plain black pair for everyday usage but I thought I have to force myself to buy a color that I can cater my future shopping around, that way I can step out of the box a little. Because trust me, heels are stepping over a bridge for me!

I don't own a pair or high-heeled sandals so this is my first pair and planning to get more soon. I just wanted to share this divine piece from Zara with you because spring is here and I can't wait to bust out these suckas! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring/Summer 13 Collection...

So since school began it deprived me from making more jewelry and even though I lost my job I didn't want to focus too much on it. Before, I use to make them while riding the train to work or school. Now the time that I leave for school are during rush hour, therefore I can never find a seat. Though I managed to make a few more pieces for my "mini Spring Summer Collection". My next mission are necklaces, I bought some lovely pendants months ago but I have not had the chance to go down to the city to get some chains... even though my school is in city (Yea lazy I know)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Glorious Moments...

It is a glorious moment... It is Spring Break! Unfortunately I would not be spending it on a deserted island, I still will be doing projects ...yippie... Though I will not complain because at least I can use this time to focus on what are important,  family, my jewelry and the blog. 

The heavens were beautiful yesterday, I was driving and it kept on distracting me.... Following my every move... This is what love feels like

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sixty Seven Metal Tips...

Ugh, it's that time again where your precious life is taken away from you and now it is dedicated to torturous studying... Midterm week!... It is a gift and a curse because that is how you know that you are very close to the end of the semester. However it only gets harder after this..., which means I have to do more thinking when I am not even thinking about what I am learning. My mind wonders into a glimpse to what I want my future to be. I am in school and I very determined to graduate; however I am too focused on what comes after. That's when the real thinking begins, and there is no one there to guide you (So maybe I should pay attention lol) 

Two things... These Enrica Ankle boots from Sixty Seven and this Floral backpack from Urban Outfitters... Killer! I first had eyes for these Enrica Ankle Boots months ago but I did not want to cough up the money that they were asking for. So I lurked... and lurked (that is what I do best) until the prices went down. And not every store had these; I only found them in two locations, Gypsy Warrior and Need Supply Co. I was afraid that I would lose them until Need Supply answered my floating prayers, I could not leave them behind, they are mine! The Floral backpack was definitely an impulse buy and I needed a backpack desperately. I am not too fond of floral prints but the colors are just wonderful.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Time Traveling

Time has moved. As a younger youth I could not wait to reach adulthood.  Now... all I want to do it run! Time is moving too fast; next month I will be turning 27 years old... 27?!!! Whoa! I don't even remember turning 22! My twenties, as it is slowly dissipating, has zoomed by and now I am in panic mood. What can I do in my twenties that is frowned upon in my thirties?! Whose world can I raise havoc? I am panicking because I am watching family and friends around me start their own families, getting married, getting divorced to married again... it is just too much! They never warned me about this. I am not ready to jump in that wagon yet; I still have some more things to do.

In due time...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Want Mo' Faux

This year I have fallen in love with faux leather. Since I can't really afford real leather; something that is relatively close is good enough for me. However it must at least look and feel like real leather (maybe even smell lol) Zara is totally my favorite store to shop and the other day I was shocked to come across this faux leather biker jacket. The quilted design is so divine and the fit totally enhances your woman curves, and to add, it is lined, so you are not freezing your ass off! I am definitely contemplating on buying another one...

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Metro Quarantine...

 Just how I felt this week... Like a big bag of doggy poop lol. I have been totally sick over the pass week and have been trying my best to avoid that tragedy. However I still managed to catch the bug from these ratchet New Yorkers. Spring break is in a few weeks and I am excited to have just one week to never wake up. Right now there is nothing but papers and midterms so I have to try and get better sooner or later. I am trying out this new drug...the greatest drug in the world right now. Boiron, I took this pill as instructed and it actually did cut down the severeness of my cold to a minimum. Therefore, I do not need to plug my lungs up to the wall this time, and that is a plus when all you want to do is breathe!